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Top Step Development is proud to promote cycling at a very young age by developing a program that will empower kids ages 5- and up to learn the basic skills required to ride on mountain biking trails.

Skills our students will learn:

  • Learn about all the bicycle components and their purpose

  • Check over their own bikes for safety and simple maintenance such as tire pressure setup and chain lubrication

  • Ready/neutral position for descending hills

  • Side/Side bike body separation

  • Pedaling/shifting efficiently

  • Controlling speed and braking safely

  • Cornering confidently

  • Handling obstacles and rocky terrain

  • Riding with vision

  • Ratcheting and momentum

  • Develop endurance and overall health through a low-impact exercise

Along with riding skills, our students will gain life skills such as:

  • Learn to support other riders as our program encourages camaraderie

  • Develop confidence in life.

  • Learn to take risks and challenges in a safe and progressive way.

  • Assess danger and make choices that go in line with their skill level.

  • Develop true love for nature, conservation, and playing outside

  • Respect for all living things as the trails may offer the possibility to meet wildlife such as tortoises, snakes, hedgehogs, insects, and birds of many types.

  • Develop mindfulness of their surrounding

  • Develop discipline

 The cost for the program is $189.00 per month due before class start. Prorated depending on date you sign up. 

Sibling Discount ($50 off for the additional sibling participants) Enter code KIDZ on registration page for sibling registration. 

Day and Time: TUESDAY - THURSDAY 4:30 PM-5:30 PM  Markham Park



  • September 19th our fall programing begins ending May 30th 2024

We want to make sure your kid(s) receives the best experience during our class. We have compiled a list of must-have and optional equipment that will make learning better and safer.

Must-have Equipment:

  • Mountain bike with gears and hand brakes. Tires need to be knobby for dirt trail traction.

  • Proper fitting helmet. Helmets must stay snug during riding.

  • Gloves. Hands tend to get sweaty and full-finger gloves protect against slipping on the grips and any chances of falling and scraping hands and fingers.

  • Glasses for eye protection. The trail is full of bugs, dust and low-hanging branches that may hit the face during riding hence eye protection is mandatory.

  • Cycling water bottle and water bottle cage or hydration backpack

Optional Equipment:

  • Knee and elbow guards. Falling is part of any sport that involves balancing and speed. Body protection gear help prevent scrapes and minimize chances for injuries in the event of a fall.


Our program is partly sponsored by Alex's Bicycle Pro Shop and they are providing participants with the following benefits:


  • $50 voucher towards a Tune-up to make sure the bikes are in good working order. Additional fees may apply in the event parts such as tires, brakes pads, etc are needed to complete the Tune-up and have the bike ready for the trails.

  • 20% off riding-equipment (Electronics receive 10%off)

  • 10% off bicycles


Simply show up with proof of registration and their staff will take care of the rest.

Is your kid ready to ride?

Click here to register

Would you like to make an impact in your community? Consider becoming a paid coach or volunteer. The joy of seeing these kids become the next generation of cyclists is priceless.

Email Coach Steve at for more information. All coaches and volunteers are required to go through a background check and safety meetings.

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