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​The mission of Top Step Development is to get kids off screens, off the couch and onto bikes. We facilitate the development of young cyclists in a healthy and supportive environment. We provide opportunities that assist our athletes in building self-confidence, personal and athletic growth, goal setting, and team skills. By providing a safe environment across all the disciplines such as road, mountain, and track cycling.

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We envision a community filled with kids on bikes, and more cycling activities in middle and high schools. We are proud partners with the Interscholastic Cycling League, NICA, who strives to empower our youth to be a part of a thriving and engaged cycling community for life.

Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles in a positive and supportive environment that builds important life skills that carry over to help each athlete manage the everyday stress that they face. These are life-building tools, which positively shape our entire community. 

There are very real world issues that we aim to fix. Childhood obesity is on a rapid rise, traffic congestion and long car lines at school are the most frustrating thing about a parent's day, and not to mention the growing social isolation our kids are facing through the increased use of social media, phones, and video games. We have a variety of programs in place to directly tackle these issues.

In addition to the development of skills, cycling etiquette, and being excellent ambassadors for our sponsors. We strive to help our athletes find the right college fit and obtain college scholarships. Studies show that discipline in sports carries over to superb study skills, organized work ethics, and important time management skills, as well as the daily pressures of the workplace.

Change can only start at the local level. We have a tested method that can spark the interest of a child to be more active in their communities and lead healthier lives. Over the last 4 years, our junior development team has become the most decorated and recognized in Florida, and the Southeast. Our team model has been so impactful, that we have literally transformed junior cycling at the state and local levels. We provide coaching and structure to bring together families and cyclists, but we can't do this without your help.


We are seeking sponsorships to continue making this vision a reality. Please contact Steve Mlujeak at to learn how you can help.

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